Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Last 24 Hours, Twenty-Eleven.

In between taking care of my dear son, I sneaked out a few hours of the last 24 hours in 2011. It was the third year for me. Here is 2008 and 2010.

With a creaky left knee, I wondered aimlessly from Promenade MRT to Somerset MRT, with a 550D and my Dad's old Olympus mju film compact camera. While I snapped 139 shots on the 550D, I cautiously took only two shots on film. So it will be a while before I can see how the film turn out. :p

Nevertheless, here are the thirty crappy shots with no theme or whatsoever...

Which quadrant do you belong to?
Stop and adjust yourself.
He fumbles with the map. She wonders where to go. Or is she? 
Another of the 鸟 problem in 2011. Pigeons. Call AVA. Crows. Call NEA. Mynah? Easy, M for McDonalds.
Setting up the metal barricades for the New Year countdown road closures. 
What are the enchanting moments in 2011? 
Giant Mentos on the river or another bureaucratic publicity? 
Rising to the future.
A reminder of our past, on my way down to the subterranean new world. 
Spick and span. Squeaky clean. The task of keeping Singapore clean does not end, even when the year is ending.
An old wood in the City, which caught my eye. 
Christmas wasn't that long ago.
Behind these windows, boys in green shorts used to roam the corridors. Catholic High School at Queen's Street.
Just to be very very sure... we need the extra guiding poles. 
SMU School of Information Systems. In 2011, we had a new colleague from there. 
Energising the greenery.
Just chilling. Third time I visited the National Museum of Singapore within one week. 
Old pillar. Young Soul. Latest fab of 2011 - Angry Birds. 
"Feed and I'M expansion tank".
Bombs, Banks, the McDonald House has seen it all. Will it bask in glory forever or make way for some intergalactic highway soon?
Ponding in Orchard? The good old Stanford canal has more to offer than solving our bi-century water problem.
They ran out of spoons.
Taking a break.
He loves his books. Just look at the book spine. 
What are they looking at?
Elephants left their mark in 2011.
It doesn't matter who they are. It's SALE! Now!
So What Do You Want in 2012?
Till we walk again.
Happy 2012!

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