Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Last 24 Hours.

Well... it was more like the last ten hours. We got off work and started walking about around 2pm. My wife and I wanted to do something similar to Eye é City, where you do a visual account of the last 24 hours of the year, without the pressure of getting a nice shot for submission. Its a pity none of my friends can join us.

So as we walked, I came up with a rough route (dear wife is quite directionless, hee hee) that will bring us around the city to some memorable places and ending with the sunset and night scene of the Singapore skyline on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. Below is the map (red - day, blue - night) of our route...

We started out at my wife's workplace, Odeon Towers. The first stop was Shanghai Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex. Unfortunately, it was closed. Then we had lunch at Liang Seah Street. We caught the last glimpse of the 7th Storey Hotel before it would be pulled down in 2009. Then we continued to Rocher area, down Bencoolen Street to the Guanyin Temple. We went past the old schools areas of Queen Street, SMU, and took a short break at before going up the Raffles City Shopping CentreBenjamin Sheares Bridge. The bridge was to be closed during midnight (hopefully there weren't any disappointed photographers up there last night planning to catch the fireworks). There were a couple of other people up on the bridge with us. The skyline wasn't as beautiful as before due to the construction and the ugly grandstand of the floating platform. Finally at night fall, we had dinner at Marina Square and made our way back to the City Hall MRT station.

For amateurs like me, I am lucky to get five nice photographs out of thousand shots. So it was difficult to choose the right pictures from the 393 shots (none of them was nice enough
leh). In the end, I decided to show most of them anyway, arranged in themes I made up only after going through the photos. :p While I also came up with titles for some, most of them are untitled. I enjoyed the walk, hope you'll enjoy the scenes from Singapore Last-24H as well. Finally, thanks to my wife for joining me in the event. It was really romantic up on the bridge. =)

Garden City
While there ain't roses growing everywhere, you are still able to find flowers everywhere on this green island.

Green Island.


Taxis to JB.

The Yellow Line to the Yellow House.

Christmas Lingers On.

Pause and take a look what the souls of the city are doing and you may catch some rare gems of beauty!


Beautiful Lady.

Afternoon Nap.

No Business.

Back to the Sixties.

Bird and Man, Cross the Street.

Lost in the City.

Head-On, Garung-Guni Uncle vs Big Lorry Driver.
Still at Work
While most of us were getting ready for the countdown to the new year, these folks were still hard at work to build the infrastructure of our homeland.

My Job is to Sit Here.


Flowers for the Goddess.

Pious Devotees.

Angels are Watching, with Help of Modern Technology.

The Skyline

New Year Celebration in the Heartlands

Next Stop, Yishun.

No Countdown for these Folks.

Beautiful Wife

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