Saturday, April 16, 2016

I Will Be Back With More Time.

It is more than two years since I last blogged! Not that nothing interesting happened. In fact, plenty happened! Shifted house, shifted office, boys grew, had Hand Foot Mouth Disease (ouch!)! Just to name a few. There were gains and losses. Life's ups and downs. Of me, and those around me.

I haven't been doing much deep thinking and thus less writing. Not enough time? That is probably an excuse. But it is true that I have not slept well for quite awhile. It is hard to explain the stress from work, where nothing goes smooth, and every step forward is a hurdle. Technology also had made it simple and addictive for us to mindlessly share. Share our thoughts in bits and pieces. Forming persona of ourselves to acquaintances and friends I hardly meet anymore. I remember experimenting with Tumbler, finding ways to post once, publish everywhere. It didn't quite work out.

Even when technology made it is so easy, I have not been diligently editing and uploading photos of my darlings. I imagine Nate questioning me next time why his brother has two photobooks, while he has none. I promise myself to do one for his three-year-old birthday.

I am brought back here by a recent comment on my entry about visit to Cappadocia, from someone who shared a similar memory of that place. Another comment asking me for travel advise around Cappadocia. I am enjoying my new workstation (and my can of cold beer) and may start to blog again.

Perhaps, the first step is to consolidate status messages from Facebook and post onto this blog.

Another project is to copy my anime collection from the old DVDs and CDRs into a single hard disk, and then cataloging them nicely with information from OMDB. On the latter is easy, I have figured out the code. It is the copying that is rather tedious.

I also have not finished the deco of my house. Bert has swimming lesson tomorrow morning, Nate is down with another bout of HFMD-like symptoms. I have not done up slides for next week's monthly update yet. The project milestone is in less than a month's time and the System Design Document is not ready. I want to play around with Caravel and Microsoft Cognitive Sciences APIs. What about the Udacity Deep Learning course which I progressed no further than the first hands-on? Oh, I need to file my tax too! Don't we all excel during crunch time?

Oh well, I will leave the writing to another day. It is enough for now. Back to my dramas. :)

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