Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resolutions 2013.

In 2012, I posted only thrice (excluding this) and one of them was "Resolutions for 2012".

While posts have been few and far between, 2012 was a really significant year. It is tradition for me to review of the year:

Bertrand turned two. The terrible two? Hardly. He is our love, joy and pride. Our lives are centred around his growth, progress and learning. Our happiness stems from his adorable smiles, creative dance and conversations.

He speaks cheem stuff for a two-year-old. But it can be quite embarrassing when he describes everything he sees. Imagine him saying, "Daddy put-put (farted)". Luckily he didn't say that in public. And one time, he said loudly when he saw our neighbour in his flat, "uncle bo cheng sa" (topless).

He loves music. Any melody can set him dancing. He hums to tunes like Barbra Streisand and We Are Young. He wants to listen to Halls of the Mountain King on youTube. He tries to play instruments, from the drum, the zither, the ukulele, the organ, the piano, to the xylophone. Recently, he started singing with random words and tune while strumming his ukulele. The choice of his lyrics is little to be desired...

There is also a fair share of frustrating moments, especially since he does not fancy eating. But it is all part the experience of being parents, and 2012 has been really special for us. The magic about parenting is every day brings a new challenge, every day brings a new joy. That is why I am enjoying every moment.

I had a surgery to transplant replace my broken ACL with my spare tendon. Now, I am a proud owner of some "cute" scar on my knee (from far it looks like a smiley face with crossed eyes). The rehabilitation was slow and tough. I had to attend many physiotherapy sessions. It is not 100% well yet (there are occasional stiffness), but I can walk long distances and chase after buses. In fact, I have been exercising at the gym to strengthen my knee. My friends are really motivational and we have been going to the gym twice a week although our objectives are different. I can't believe we are doing it!

I took a vacation to the Big Apple and watched Roger played live at the Flushing Meadows. It was my first overseas vacation in two years. It was also my second trip to a Grand Slam tournament (as a spectator :p). There are much to see and do in NYC - I will want to return one day. The city is a paradise for art lovers too (the Met, the MoMA, etc.). We also made a trip to one of the grandest waterfall in the world, the Niagara Falls. Looking forward to another trip in 2013. What destination shall it be?

Just six months ago, I drove for the first time since getting my driving license. Driving my in-law's car, we avoided the hassle of taking taxi to bring Bertrand to my mum's place every morning and back at night. We have also brought Bertrand to more places than before - the Zoo (twice), the Night Safari, Gardens by the Bay, the Underwater World at Sentosa, Lower Seletar Reservoir (lost count!), shopping malls, Saturdays breakfast at Chong Pang Market with my parents. And recently, I decided to drive to work as well. It meant we can get back earlier in the evening to spend time with our dear son. I hope to remain a safe and patient driver in 2013.

Looks like I accomplished most of the things I set out for 2012. The world didn't end on the 21st Dec 2012. I will need to make some plans for 2013:

- Learn more about astronomy. I want to go stargazing with my boy.
- Create some creative works with my new iMac. Bro, I still owe you your wedding video. :p
- Stay healthy. It means lowering my bad cholesterol  blood pressure, stress level, and continue to exercise (more-more-less-less-also-good lah).
- Stay focused at work. I know I am losing it (my technical skills), but I hope I can replace it with new skills.
- Enjoy life as it is. Appreciate life.
- Be less harsh and critical about others, we all make mistake someday.

Now let's review my predictions for men tennis in 2012:
1. Roger did return to No. 1, but it did not last till the end of the year, and he won neither the Australian Open nor the US Open.
2. Andy Murray did win his first Grand Slam, it was the US Open, not Wimbledon.
3. We are still searching of the new star in men tennis. But there are plenty in women tennis.
4. Rafael Nadal did seem like fading away. In fact, he is still injured.
5. Djokovic ended the season back at No. 1 again. Not too far from my prediction of No. 2 spot. :p

Any predictions for 2013? I think Roger will still hang around the top 3. Andy will continue to improve but it will probably be a while before he wins his next Grand Slam.

Let's look forward to a more productive and wonderful brand new year! HUAT AH! Advanced Happy New Year!

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