Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Can Siri Do for Me?

It is no secret, deep down inside, we all want a Siri to do our bidding. I don't own a iPhone 4S, but there are some things I wish Siri will do for me. Below is my top 10 list:

  1. Siri, order some roses and deliver to my wife for our wedding anniversary. Include some sweet words in the card.
  2. Siri, edit the photos and upload them to Facebook.
  3. Siri, blog about my incredible date last night.
  4. Siri, download my favourite drama, sitcom and animes.
  5. Siri, give me the gist of today's news (as what the President may receive).
  6. Siri, upgrade my competency status.
  7. Siri, sharpen my monthly progress report.
  8. Siri, cook me dinner.
  9. Siri, take out the trash.
  10. Siri, feed my baby, change his baby diapers and coax him to sleep. (Woah, Siri doubles as the latest domestic helper in the market?! Okay I cheated abit on this one, there are three tasks.)

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