Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Big Thank You!

My deepest heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended our wedding banquet! It was my pleasure to have you celebrating this special moment with us! :-)

Apologies to those who have missed the photo montage and wedding day highlights due to odd angles or obstructions from your seats. No choice, the restaurant has only one screen. But I hope the food made up for it, FOOD... was the reason why we had chosen a restaurant over hotel ballroom.

Below is the photo montage which I did:

And here is
the link to the wedding day highlights. It is password protected, so drop me a mail so that I can send you the password. ;-)

Finally, a very very very big Thank You to everyone who helped us in our wedding, especially the brothers and sisters - you know who you are!
It couldn't have been so smooth without your coordination and help!

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Mummy to Baby V said...

Congratulations and have a blissful wedding! :)